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Are you paying attention? There are some major tectonic shifts underfoot right now. YouTube is advertising on LinkedIn, so what does this tell us?

Well, Google owns YouTube. Microsoft owns LinkedIn. LinkedIn just enabled video posting abilities on their platform within the past few months– another sign that big things are coming with video. A tidal wave is building up…

If Google/YouTube is already humongous, and they’re now advertising themselves into another platform, what could be next? And what does it mean for users?

As a cross-platform user myself, I interpret this to reinforce the need for speed for more video production. Everything is shifting to video.

Don’t get left behind and get out-communicated by your competition. Don’t hide your valued expertise and encouragements to others. “Done” is better than “perfect.” Get out there and make some videos! Your audience is growing but without knowing you until you “appear.”


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