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Well, my answer actually starts with another question: Is that really the question we need to be asking ourselves? No, I’m not kidding. Although I was just reading an article in eMarketer.com about this, I’m afraid some people will standardize their videos based on this question and answer alone, which could cost them clients and customers. And so I felt I must add to this thought stream.
Here, however, is the chart that eMarketer included, and my thoughts are below.

Viewing completion rates.
I think it’s important to recognize that the length of a video ad isn’t the only considering for what’s “best.” I think it starts with identifying what the goal of the video ad is first– brand awareness? Or is there a call to action? Is the goal getting attained? The why’s and why-nots can vary. My best performing video for brand awareness was only 7 seconds, it had 1300 views with 100% completion. Meanwhile, a different video for the same client was about 40 seconds, got 1700 views, but only 33% completed. Is completion of the goal? It depends, doesn’t it? I’m accomplishing my goal for this client with brand awareness, but if it were for responding with a call to action, I’d need to take note of their viewing length as to where I need to restructure the message and/or reposition my call to action. That’s how I take in this information– not based on what the world says so much, but more to what’s the goal and my customer’s behavior towards that goal.
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