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“[Acme Marketing Company] reserves the right to automatically resume billing after successfully attaining two Organic First Page Position keywords for the Customer.”
My client had been paying a very “affordable” $19.95/mo for SEO from this marketing company. And here’s what I found:
After over a year of this “SEO,” and out of 18 keywords, this client was only ranking on page 1 for 2 of them (barely meeting their own terms of service.) Then for the 2 words that ranked, 1 of them showed in Google an average of ZERO searches per month. So, who CARES if you’re number one for something that no one’s looking for, right?
So then the other keyword, this person DID rank number one for on the first page. And then when verifying the number of searches for THAT word, Google showed an average of 10 searches for the month.
The sum of this? This “affordable” SEO was only creating the POSSIBILITY that 10 people MIGHT find this business each month.
Well, this company DID deliver what they promised. At a very bare minimum. But is that what you want??? To MAYBE be found by 10 people? Is that worth $19.95 per month?
If you’re making marketing decisions based on price over outcomes, you too can lose only $19.95/month.
The other thing I found out is when I verified the right QUALITY keywords for this client, the potential findability increased 10 times at half the cost. By uncovering the RIGHT keywords, the potential of being found in search for this client has increased by 10 times, and if the business owner wants to do a paid rank for the #1 spot on the 1st page of a “different” 18 keywords, the total ad cost would only be $9.95/mo.
The moral of this story? There are 2:
1) Don’t buy on price. You’ll lost more than what you started with.
2) Qualify before you quantify.
The positive conclusion for this client is that with the RIGHT keywords identified, this business can actually rank #1 organically for almost all of these new keywords, as we’ve done this keyword research BEFORE building the website. By validating the right keywords, we now know how to structure the site based on what people are already looking for.
This business is going to dominate online.
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