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Facebook Fans are possibilities

Fans are potential customers and potential WOMM streams. When a user “likes” a Page, that user is subscribing to the brand’s messages. The potential to convert the Fan to a customer is present, and when the Fan engages with the Page, the potential to spread brand awareness to people in his/her circle is heightened. Facebook Fans are possibilities.

Fans = ROI, not really

It is easy to get thousands of fans nowadays, that is if you go through deceptive or black hat means. You can find profiles selling likes, or businesses looking for profiles to like their Page in exchange for a few bucks. They sell it by the bulk of hundreds and thousands. A person can create as many spam accounts as he wants. It is easy to set-up a Facebook profile – all you really need is an email address.

Should businesses consider buying fans? No.Buying fans take out a huge advantage of getting fans. When a user likes a Page, and when they “like”, comment and share a post from a Page, it shows up on their newsfeeds for their friends to see. This advantage does not exist with bought fans. Chances are the fans you buy are dummy accounts with little to no real-user friends. Interaction from spam fans will not really help brands reach out to real users. Even if the fans you buy are dummy accounts, it’s not likely they will talk about your brand or buy something from your store.

A bigger number of Fans may not necessarily give you a better Page performance. Say you have 20,000 Fans, and of those Fans of mixed real user and spam profiles, only 500 are engaged. That gives you a 25% rate of engagement vs. number of Fans. If you have 1,000 fans, all real users, and only 500 are engaged that gives you 50% rate of engagement.

The significance of Facebook fans is not measured by the number of likes alone, but by the quality of the likes, the strength of your organic reach.

Being liked, being heard

More and more brands are signing up for Facebook Pages, and why not? With over 1 billion active users it seems like an opportunity too big to pass up. With this still-increasing number of users, getting a brand’s voice heard is proving to be hard. Being heard requires innovative and adaptive strategies and campaigns. A brand would want to be interesting enough to turn organic users into fans, and turn fans into engaged fans, and turn them into brand advocates. The number of likes no longer matters as a standalone factor. Pages should not settle for likes, or see work ending there. To achieve the full advantage of Fans, Pages should commit to constantly work to engage Fans, with the end goal of Fans promoting the page to their friends, and conversion.


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