Client Concierge Job Opening

What the role looks like:

You deepen trust naturally and love networking.  You’re a master inviter and an in-tune conversationalist who looks for the win-win. People often feel compelled to share with you more than what you ask for, and you feel personally rewarded with the depth and breadth of the relationships around you.  You’re always looking for ways to add value to others.

What your calendar looks like:

You organize your own schedule, but our recommendation for making the most money possible while enjoying the rewards of your efforts is to time block for focus: (1) building your list and plan for bringing in new clients, and (2) prioritizing the ongoing care sequence of the clients you’ve brought on board.

You’ll find that attending community events are a critical building block for your local influence in the community.  We’ll provide recommendations for events to attend.

What tools you’ll be using:

You will need your own laptop and smartphone.  We provide the CRM, training, and tools to carry out building your book of business.

Although you won’t need any of your own software, we do encourage  you to have equipment for ensuring quality audio (a mic) and lighting  (a ring light is ideal) for video meetings.  Clear communication is one of our core values, and we find that being seen and heard are important  elements in transmitting effective communication at an emotional level.

What the rest looks like:

Training provided.

Commission sales experience required.  A proven successful track record in an MLM is favored, and bonus points for an interest in personal and professional development.

Commission is 10% recurring monthly revenue share for each client referred and actively managed.


Being a student of your calendar

    Putting everything into our project app

      Not lying to yourself

        And being on time

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          Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

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