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How Affordable SEO Can Rob You

"[Acme Marketing Company] reserves the right to automatically resume billing after successfully attaining two Organic First Page Position keywords for the Customer." My client had been paying a very "affordable" $19.95/mo for SEO from this marketing company. And here's what I found: After over a year of this "SEO," and out of 18 keywords, this client was only ranking on page 1 for 2 of them (barely meeting their own terms of service.) Then for the 2 words that ranked, 1 of them showed in Google an average of ZERO searches per...

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Do Facebook Fans Really Matter?

Facebook Fans are possibilities Fans are potential customers and potential WOMM streams. When a user “likes” a Page, that user is subscribing to the brand’s messages. The potential to convert the Fan to a customer is present, and when the Fan engages with the Page, the potential to spread brand awareness to people in his/her circle is heightened. Facebook Fans are possibilities. Fans = ROI, not really It is easy to get thousands of fans nowadays, that is if you go through deceptive or black hat means. You can find profiles selling...

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Facebook Tips: 7 Common Mistakes Made by Businesses

Facebook is one of – if not – the strongest platform for social media marketing. Passing 1.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook boasts of being the largest social network online. Businesses now have access to consumers from all parts of the world. Unfortunately, some businesses are not able to maximize the Facebook gateway because of a few mistakes. We have listed down the 6 top common mistakes of businesses on Facebook here. Using a personal profile instead of a business page First, it’s against Facebook terms to use a...

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5 Awesome Apps to Use for Social Media Management

5 Awesome Apps to Use for Social Media Management Social media has been a powerful tool for years and the number of businesses who uses this as an advantage is still growing. Connecting to the audience has never been easier now that all it takes is a “retweet” here, and a “like” there. Managing multiples social accounts and still worrying about not getting enough reach is stressful. Thankfully there is quite a selection of social media management platforms that a business can choose from to help them out. We have gathered our top 5 selection...

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