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5 Awesome Apps to Use for Social Media Management

Social media has been a powerful tool for years and the number of businesses who uses this as an advantage is still growing. Connecting to the audience has never been easier now that all it takes is a “retweet” here, and a “like” there. Managing multiples social accounts and still worrying about not getting enough reach is stressful. Thankfully there is quite a selection of social media management platforms that a business can choose from to help them out. We have gathered our top 5 selection below.

  1. HootSuite

An industry favorite, HootSuite is not backing down. It is still considered one of the top picks for business and personal use. HootSuite’s features include the social media dashboard that allows users to manage multiple accounts on different social networking sites on one system, scheduling posts for each account, team collaborations, and analytics reporting.

2. Raven Tools

Raven Tool’s strongest point is really its SEO tools, but their Social Media Tools are not far behind. Under the social media tools, Raven offers Social Stream which lets users keep track of conversations that interest them, post messages across multiple social profiles, schedule posts, and delegate tasks to team members.

3. Offerpop

Offerpop is an engagement-centered platform for social sites. Its focus is on how to get your audience to interact with you. It does it with “campaigns”, where you can create contests, deals, polls, and many more. It’s a great app to drive interest. Your followers will do all the work for you when you put up a contest for fan/follower submitted photos or videos that can be won with user votes.

4. Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster’s claim to fame is its intelligent analytics and reporting. It allows users to see real-time feedback on how your campaigns are doing per post or tweet. Aside from the usual post scheduling, it will actually give you a time of when it’s best to publish the post. The metrics in the Crowdbooster system allows for comparison of your posts, side by side, to see which type of message works better. It also has a built-in “smart assistant” that provides suggestions to help users improve.

5. Oktopost

Oktopost is one of the hottest social media management apps out right now. Providing tools for B2B marketing, it is the app to use for LinkedIn-heavy marketing. The best feature of Oktopost is its “Social Inbox”, acting as the ultimate dashboard for managing comments and replies to your messages from your LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages. If you regularly post messages on 20 or more LinkedIn Groups, then Oktopost is going to be your new best friend. You won’t need to open all the groups anymore just to check if you’ve gotten replies. It also lets you review, flag, and reply to comments from the Oktopost app.

If what we have on our list doesn’t fit your business, do not fret. With the huge selection of apps available for social media management, you will not run out of options. Most of them offer free trial runs. Sometimes it takes a few tests to find what you need.

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